"Matthew is just an amazing human being. He is a true and selfless contributor to the process of filmmaking. While working with him on "Saving Lucas," he never failed to add value to any moment on screen and off. I look forward to seeing his career as an actor flourish and my only hope is that I get the chance to work with him again in the near future and be a part of it somehow." ---Marcin Mesa, Actor


       "Working with Matthew on "Saving Lucas" was a great experience. His acting was phenomenal, but most importantly they way he carried himself on and off set with professionalism, class and a genuine easy going fun personality. Watching his growth in character first hand was inspiring and taught me a few things in my own craft. His love for this business and his craft made the shooting of this film the best it could be. Hope for the pleasure of working with him again!"  ---James Achille, Actor

       "Matthew Erick White is a superb young actor. I was blown away by the level of talent the young actor had and his ability to take direction. He responded well to feedback and always made an effort to give the best performance possible regardless of what was thrown at him. He is an actor who truly values your criticism and will work tirelessly to improve his approach to his character until you, the director, are satisfied. His high energy and dedication to his craft made him a pleasure to work with." ---Jordan Schultz, Writer/Director "Saving Lucas"

    "When we speak of young talent, mostly we talk about the great potential. With Matthew, that potential is already realized, and growing steady each day." ---Tony Rago, Scott Sedita Studio Acting Coach